Glass Containers

The company program mainly focuses on production of colorless glass bottles for liquors and cognac, and production of other types of glass containers. All the products are subject to a multistage quality control.

In 2002, our company put into production a new glass workshop with a capacity of 112 million bottles per year. The workshop is equipped with modern glass forming equipment of the Czech company «Sklostroi» able to produce a wide range of products for the most demanding customers. Pro-heat capacities include two glass melting furnaces, rotary (BB-7, U-8), sectional (AL-118) types glass forming machines.
The enterprise can produce as serial parties from 1000000 pieces as well small from 100000 pieces with a capacity from 0.1 to 1 liter, including the NNPB method (the facilitated container).

The glass bottle is not only just a glass container, now it is one of the elements of the decoration of the table.

Glass containers